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Thinking about a career in real estate?

Are you thinking about starting a career in real estate? If so, why?

Choosing a career is a major decision. You have to factor in countless variables like industry, job satisfaction, work-life balance, qualifications, and income. Every person weighs these variables differently, so before you explore careers you should prioritize some of the things above. What’s most important to you?

Income is usually at the top of everyone’s list-- so let’s talk about that a little more. Income is important, but equally important is what it’s costing you to attain that income. Some people go to school for years to earn a degree that will allow them to make upwards of $200k in their first year. What did it cost them? Most likely, some serious student loans and years of their life spent in school. So, what if you could earn that same income in your first year but spend less energy? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, here comes the beauty of real estate.

Real estate is so unique because you are given the chance to start your own business without having the “normal” start-up fees of a new venture. Fortunately, you can work under a broker and therefore don’t have to purchase office space on your own, get a specific degree, hire employees, etc. Instead, you become an independent contractor and can get your new business up and running in a short amount of time. Compared to many other professions, real estate is relatively simple.

So what exactly do you need to start a career in real estate?

  • You must be 18 years of age.

  • You must complete three (3) real estate courses, such as Principles, Practice, and Finance.

  • You must have a legal presence in the state of California.

  • You must pass the state exam.

*Note that these are some general requirements, although there may be others.

A career in real estate is lucrative because you can make enormous amounts of money without many obstacles.

Now, let’s be sure to clear some things up. Getting into real estate is not easy. (Yes, you read that sentence correctly.) If it was easy, everyone would be making $500k+ every year with no problems. But very few people who take the real estate exam actually move forward to have a successful career in real estate. Why is that?

Unfortunately, many people who pass the test do not take their career seriously. In short, they lack commitment.

To make it in real estate, you’ll need to make a few commitments:

  • Time commitment. You’ll have to put in the time, especially during your first six months. After that, we can talk about 3-month vacations and fancy cars!

  • Monetary investment. Yes, you’re investing in yourself! Remember, you’re starting a new business and will need to dress professionally, join the board of realtors, and purchase a few tool kits.

  • A-game. Ahh, the most important one! You have to bring your A-game to work every single day. You never know when you’ll meet a future client, so you have to be persistent and carry the right attitude with you at all times.

Every office operates differently, but we hope this snippet of our success gives you more insight into the real estate industry. Starting a career in real estate is a wonderful opportunity-- if you’re willing to work for it!

Interested in starting your career with us? Come to one of our free information sessions!

  • Tuesdays at 6pm

  • Thursdays at 6pm

  • Saturdays at 10:30am

All info sessions are held at our office: 5515 E. Stearns St. Long Beach, CA 90815 in the Trader Joe’s shopping center. See you there!

-Century 21 On Target Team

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