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How to rock the real estate exam: 101

Are you studying to get your real estate license? Excited about starting your career and making millions? Watched every episode of House Hunters and feeling motivated as ever? And then, all at the exact same time, completely stressed about taking and PASSING the state exam?

Preparing for the exam can be a handful-- we get it. But luckily, we have a few tips to share that will help you rock the exam and get back to all the things you love about real estate.

#1. Find a support group, class, or mentor.

Passing the exam will be much easier when you're enrolled in a program or have people around you who have made it through the fire. They know what they're talking about and truthfully, they can give you great insight. If you're not in a program, enroll in one!

#2. Organize and come up with a study method.

Before you spend a ton of time studying, make sure you're studying the RIGHT way. People can spend countless hours studying material only to forget it. Organize your materials and make sure you're using a proven method. (Our office personally teaches a special method that is guaranteed to work, and we encourage everyone to find one that works for them.)

#3. Stay motivated and remember the goal.

Studying for a major exam can get boring and tedious, so keeping yourself motivated is one of the biggest factors of success. Remind yourself of the "big picture" goal and stick to it! Once again, this is where the support group would come in handy.

#4. Don't panic.

Worrying is actually the worst thing you can do. If you pace yourself over the course of several weeks, there should be no need for "crash courses" and late night coffee sessions. Study the right way, stay on top of your goals, and remember to breathe.

#5. Rest before the exam-- you got this!

Make sure to get a good night's rest the night before your exam. Eat a good breakfast and arrive to the test early. Don't bring notes with you inside-- it's better to relax and mentally prepare for the test you're about to rock!

We hope these tips help! Stop by one our free information sessions to learn more about our program, motivational groups, study methods, and career development!

-The Century 21 On Target team

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