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Why now is the best time to get into Real Estate...


January is often a time of reflection and planning. We think about the things we have accomplished and the things we have failed to accomplish. We reevaluate our circumstances and wonder what lies ahead. Most importantly, we plan ahead. We think of creative (and sometimes not so creative) ways to get ahead of the game and make a better living.

Many people reevaluate their careers in January and there are numerous factors to be considered. Some people want a job that pays more, that reports to a different boss, or that provides more of a work-life balance. So... what’s the best move?

Real estate.

Why, you ask?

Real Estate is unlike any other career. It provides an incredible opportunity to earn upwards of $100k in your first year, to be your own boss and, to manage your own schedule, and to love what you do. Best of all, you don’t have to spend years in graduate school or accrue major student debt. Most people can get their real estate license in 12-16 weeks and start selling immediately. That, friends, is pure opportunity!

Here’s why we think now is the right time for a career in real estate:

1. It’s January!

That’s right, it’s January. And you know what that means? It’s time for a dose of self-motivation. January is the time of year where we plan ahead and think ambitiously. To start your career in real estate, you’re going to need to WANT success. Now is the time, while you’re motivated!

2. The economy.

The economy is doing well again and that means people are more apt to buy and/or sell their home. Getting into the business now could mean more sales and a higher income. Most offices are hiring new agents and you’ll have multiple options when it comes to choosing the right fit.

3. The test is simple.

Well, you still have to study-- but currently exam preparation can be completed in a matter of weeks. With new BRE technology, you can take the state exam and get your results the same day! Visit the “Our Program” page on our website to learn about the basic qualifications. Take advantage or the simple requirements in place and earn your license now!

Ready to get your license? Come to one of our free information sessions to learn about our program and training.

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