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What will it cost you to change your future?

Money in Real Estate

Sales Person License

Free - we lend you all Materials and Textbooks 

Free - weekly Exam Prep Study Packets

Free - live in-person real world classes


State Required Courses

    $0  if you have completed all 3 

$100  if you have 2 of 3 

$200  if you have 1 of 3 

$250  if you need all 3 

        Above fees, if any, payable prior to start​

License and Exam Fees Payable to DRE Later

  $60  State Exam  ~ 9 weeks

$245  License fee  ~ 15 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already took some of the courses?

Great! Bring what certificate information you have and you will only pay for the missing courses. Typically, each course has a stand-alone fee of $90. 

Am I obligated to work for your office after I get my license?

No, you're not obligated to work for us and we are not obligated to hire you. However, we do typically hire straight from the pool of top talent in our school. Since we don't charge for our classes, we hope to get great agents from the program! 

When do I have to pay?

We require all students to pay the program fee before their first day of class. You can pay with cash or check at our office. Our classes operate on a rolling admissions structure, so you can start any week you choose. 

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